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My design process is very unique. Most designers have a set way or outline for their websites, logo and links on the top side links on the left hand side, and information in the middle. This is a very standard website, and if you look at most websites they will look like this. I can certainly make a website like this if that is what you want, but what I specialize in is thinking outside the box. I like modern websites, websites that aren't so typical. One like this. This website is a scroll based website, you can see if you simply scroll up and down. But I also use anchors which is a button that automatically scrolls up or down the website. The first website upper left is one done for a client. The client wanted a simple website that advertises her reflexology business. This website is on the typical side of websites, but it uses design theory to make it a very aesthetically pleasing website. The next website upper right is one of my first websites. It is a very unique website, with each of the sub pages having an interesting animation. This website is a very nice website, but unfortunately it isn't as well formatted for different browsers as my other ones The third website bottom left is one about saturday night live. This website is a target based website. This means that each of the sub pages aren't separate pages, which decreases loading speeds and gives way to nice animations. The last website bottom right is one of my more recent websites done for an esthetician looking to expand her personal business. Since the development of her website, her business has doubled and she gets many new clients from the email form in the contact page. You can see that I have a broad range of designing skills, skills that can be tailored to your needs specifically.

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My name is Jeremy Spence and I am a freelance web designer based out of Bristol Rhode Island. I have an extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS, a working knowledge of jQuery and javascript, and a basic knowledge of PHP. These are all the tools necessary to make fantastically creative websites. And I promise that these skills are being developed every day to give you an even better website. My methodology consists of few software programs. I don't use drag and drop software because I believe that drag and drop puts fetters on the website, not allowing it to be all that it could be. Coding is meant to have endless possibilities for truly customizable projects, and that is why I use only code. I also don't use CMSs which is a content management system, these allow people to sign into their website and make minor changes to their website without code. The problem with these is that it is usually hard to customize exactly how you want, so my guarantee is that for limited minor changes in your website you can contact me and I will take care of it free! Now what does all this mean for you? This means that I am here for you, the customer, unlike major companies I put your needs above all else. Anything you want on your website I will make come true, and after your website is through I offer customer service for life. So if you're in the market for a web designer come to me for a truly customer oriented experience. I am working on updating my site. See my progress here

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